Sweeney Todd wants your head!

STH is able to offer the best work

at reasonable prices. We are constantly

training and learning new styles and

techniques. We travel all over the USA

to study with America's experts.

Vibrant Hair Coloring, Dramatic Texturizing, & Superb Haircuts for men, women, and kids.

Get the upscale hairstyle you want from Sweeney Todd Hair. Our experienced stylists provide great haircuts, coloring, and texturizing for men and women. We love kids! We treat your hair with top-of-the-line products from industry leaders, including Matrix, Paul Mitchell, and Biolage.

Pay only for What You Get

For your convenience and economy, we offer a la carte pricing, which means you pay only for what you get. We don't charge you for that "free" wine, lunch, or hot towel. There are four price levels at Sweeney Todd:Stylist, Designer, Senior Designer, and Artistic Director.

Stylist Pricing

"Stylists" are generally newer with our company. They may have many years of experience but have not been with us long enough to become established in our salon as "Designers". We try to keep "Stylist" prices as reasonable as possible in order to encourage our clients to get to know these newer employees. Please note that if you do not request a specific hair stylist you will be charged the lowest-possible stylist price.

Stylist                                       Designer                                 Senior Designer                      Artistic Director

Haircut-$14                              Haircut-$16                             Haircut-$18                              Haircut-$20

Shampoo-$5                            Shampoo-$5                           Shampoo-$5                            Shampoo-$5

Blowdry-$14 & up                   Blowdry-$16 & up                   Blowdry-$18 & up                   Blowdry-$20 & up

Updos-$28 & up                      Updos-$32 & up                      Updos-$36 & up                      Updos-$40 & up

Brazilian Blowout-$200          Brazilian Blowout-$200          Brazilian Blowout-$200          Brazilian Blowout-$200

Color Touchup-$35                 Color Touchup-$40                 Color Touchup-$45                 Color Touchup-$50

Color Extended-$45                Color Extended-$50                Color Extended-$55               Color Extended-$60

Ombre-$85                               Ombre-$90                               Ombre-$95                              Ombre-$105

Balayage-$85                           Balayage-$90                           Balayage-$95                          Balayage-$105

Pricing & Consultation Information

These prices may be affected by time and/or materials needed and are subject to adjustment after consultation. For an exact price quote, please come in for a free consultation, which is available for all services. Consultations are particularly recommended for color and special occasion finishes, such as updos. The above is only a partial list of services available. Sweeney Todd Hair is on the cutting edge. If it can be done with hair, we can do it.